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Caster Semenya now speculated to be a hermaphrodite


  South African track and field runner Caster Semenya

After all the reports recently about Caster Semenya’s gender, the floodgates are now open. Semenya underwent a gender test after the race to deny any contradicting statements that she is really a man. Well, it has not been officially confirmed by the athletic committee, yet, but reports are leading us to the fact that she has both male and female reproductive organs.

It has been reported that, well, if you gave her a once over, everything would appear to be normal. But, she has no ovaries, and internal male testes. This would give her an additional boast of testosterone.

This falls under a slightly different standard. Unlike taking pills or shooting up steroids, this is different. At no point did Semenya go out of her way to gain an advantage over her competition, she was merely born that way. You can’t really fault someone for being who they are, but on the other hand they could be subject to punishment or criticism for withhold medical information.

Until everything has been properly analyzed, and Semenya properly informed, only then will there be an official ruling regarding the issue.