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Castaic shelter volunteer pleads for rescue of old Pomeranian dumped in field

UPDATE: CiCi, the elderly, medically-needy Pomeranian found roaming alone in a field in the City of San Fernando, was rescued today by OC PoundHounds Small Breed Rescue. If you would like to donate towards CiCi's vet care, click here. The rescue also has a Facebook page.

CiCi, the stray elderly Pom found wandering along in a field
OCPoundHounds Small Breed Rescue


Castaic, Calif. - Lynda Hill, a volunteer at the Castaic Animal Care Center of Los Angeles County, is hoping a rescue will save an elderly, sick, female Pomeranian who was found wandering alone in a field in the City of San Fernando. It is unknown how long she had to fend for herself before she was picked up by animal control on May 16.

Now named CiCi, the 9-year-old was not only matted and dirty when she was picked up, but she was found to be suffering from other maladies, as well.

There is something wrong with her back legs and is unable to walk properly. The abnormality could be a birth defect, or it could be the result of some unresolved injury she suffered in the past. She also has a protruding rectum.

CiCi is not sterilized. She shows signs of having been bred over and over again. Hill says it's as if she came from a puppy mill. If not there, then a backyard breeder.

It's not uncommon for people to dump their dogs once they can no longer "produce" puppies for them. These living, sentient beings are deemed "machines" to produce "goods " to sell in the open market. Once their "machines" become inoperable or can no longer function, they throw "it" away. They become burdens; a waste of space.

Despite this old-timer's illnesses and frailty, Hill reports that CiCi doesn't exhibit any indication that she is in pain. (See video.) On the contrary, Hill says that "CiCi is a happy girl and loves people."

Unfortunately, CiCi's time with the dreaded needle is fast-approaching and Hill is sending out what she terms a "May Day Plea" for a rescue to step up and save her life. After such a hard life, she deserves to live out her final days feeling loved and in comfort.

The following is CiCi's pertinent information:

Breed: Pomeranian
Gender: Female (not spayed)
Age: Approximately 9 years
Color: White and tan
ID #: A4710423
Castaic Animal Care Center address: 31044 North Charlie Canyon Road, Castaic, CA 91384
Phone number: (661) 257-319
CiCi's page with the L.A. County Animal Care and Control, click here.

If you have further questions about CiCi, you can contact Lynda Hill by email at

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