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Cast into Darkness from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Cast into Darkness
Wizards of the Coast

Cast into Darkness is a new common black "Magic: The Gathering" card from Wizards of the Coast's expert expansion set "Journey Into Nyx." This aura can weaken one of your opponent's threats, also keeping them from standing in the way of your attackers.

Cast into Darkness - 1B
Enchantment - Aura (Common)
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets -2/-0 and can't block.
In desperation the soldier prayed to Phenax, begging for the power to cheat the gorgon's gaze.

Cast into Darkness isn't the sexiest spoiler card we've seen, however it gets the job done. It's in limited where Cast into Darkness will truly shine, allowing your creatures to slip by a rival's biggest defender. It may not be a traditional removal spell like Hero's Downfall, however what do you really care if playing Cast into Darkness allows you to deal the winning amount of combat damage? Even if it doesn't, the creature you enchant with Cast into Darkness won't be able to block and will have a reduced power you'll be able to take it out easier in combat.

How will you use Cast into Darkness?

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