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Cast for "Red Data Girl" announced at Anime Boston

Funimation Entertainment announced their cast for the upcoming DVD release of sleeper hit "Red Data Girl."

At their panel on Saturday at Anime Boston, FUNImation Entertainment announced the cast for the English dub for the upcoming home video release for "Red Data Girl."

The show tells the story of a young isolated girl who discovers that she is the last vessel for a goddess, and is forced to be her guardian.

The cast for the English dub is as follows:

Izumiko Suzuhara will be played by Bryn Apprill.

Miyuki Sagara will be played by Micah Solusod.

Hime-gami will be played by Caitlin Glass.

Manatsu Souda will be played by Joel McDonald.

Mayura Souda will be played by Kristi Kang.

Masumi Souda will be played by Chris Burnett.

Satoru Wamiya will be played by Ryan Reynolds.

Yukimasa Sagara will be plaayed by David Matranga.

Ichijou Takayanagi will be played by Clifford Chapin.

Ricardo will be played by Dave Trosko.

Hodaka Murakami will be played by Jason Liebrecht.

Jean Honoka Kisaragi will be played by Leah Clark.

"Red Data Girl" will be available on DVD June 17.

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