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Cast descriptions released for 'Supernatural' spin-off 'Tribes'

On Sunday, Feb. 2, The CW released details and descriptions of the cast members that will be taking over in the new "Superntarual" spin-off titled. "Tribes."

Cast descriptions released for 'Supernatural' spin-off 'Tribes'
Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images

The 'Supernatural' spin off is set to show the back door pilot as this season's 20 episode set to air in April of this year.

The spin off is to be set in Chicago and Dean and Sam will be in the pilot episode to help introduce the new characters but will not be regulars on the new show. Many times spin offs include characters from the regular show but not this one.

Thecharacters are more family centered with both hunters and monsters as the focus of the show. The show will also stay in Chicago and won't be in different towns like "Supernatural".

Here are the character descriptions that have been released thus far.

  • Ennis Roth, human Ennis is billed as the protagonist of Tribes. He is described as “likeable, strong-willed, resolute, with a strong sense of justice.” Ennis, the son of a cop, is preparing to enter the police academy when, like many who become hunters, a loved one is murdered. Along the way, he meets Sam and Dean, which is how he “learns the staggering truth” that Chicago is run by five families of monsters and becomes a hunter himself. Casting calls for Ennis are looking for an African-American actor in his early 20s.
  • David Hayden, shape-shifter David comes from one of Chicago’s five ruling monster families, though he’s taken to a human life. However, tragedy brings him back to his old life. Age: early 20s.
  • Margo Hayden, shape-shifter Margo is David’s sister. She is described as “professional, strong-willed, determined, ambitious” as well as an “ex-punk rocker gone corporate.” She looks to become the new head of the family in the wake of tragedy. Age: early 20s.
  • Violet Durant, werewolf Violet is the member of another ruling family. However, as a werewolf, her love affair with shape-shifter David is forbidden. Age: early 20s.
  • Julian Durant, werewolf Julian is Violet’s brother and Ennis’ arch nemesis. He is described as “savagely handsome, strong, arrogant.” Age: 20s.
  • Freddie Costa, human Freddie is an old friend of Ennis’ father with a soft spot for Ennis. He’s described as a world-weary cop with a secret. Age: 30s.

Will this spin-off grab the attention of the "Supernatural" fans? Is it the story that holds the fans or the investment in the Winchester boys? We will see after the April back door pilot episode.

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