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Cassandra Clare addresses 'The Last Hours' fan questions

This portrait of Matthew Fairchild resulted in one fan question for Clare.
Cassandra Jean

Mortal Instruments fans are still excited over the recent announcement of author Cassandra Clare's newly signed series, The Last Hours. This series also set in the Shadowhunter world will take place in Edwardian London and focus on the generation of shadowhunters after The Infernal Devices. And the excitement only was magnified with beautiful character portraits by Cassandra Jean. Book one of The Last Hours is due out 2017 but that doesn't keep fans from forming questions and Clare fans were quick to take note and analyze details from the portraits.

Clare addressed some pressing questions regarding The Last Hours on her Tumblr site:

Matthew Fairchild has been pictured with a green carnation multiple times. Is this a hint to his sexuality?

Matthew is a fan of Oscar Wilde (dead three years by the time Last Hours begins) and the aesthetic movement, which believed that art didn’t need to be moral, it just needed to be beautiful — challenging the predominant didactic ethos of Victorian art and writing, which believed the sole purpose of art was to educate and elevate.
So anyway, that’s a long way of saying Matthew might be gay, or he might be bisexual, or he might be straight and a fan of the aesthetic movement. We must wait to see. There is a gay male romance in The Last Hours, and also a lesbian pairing.

I was wondering who has more of the Herondale’s bitter sense of humor, James or Lucie? Also, since Will prefers Lucie to marry Alistair, would that cause a conflict between them?

Well, Will would like Lucie to marry Alastair eventually. Like, when she’s 21 and he’s 27. Not, like, right at the moment. Is he going to be thrilled about Lucie’s partially dead love interest? Probably not. :) Stuff is complicated though and so is Lucie’s love life! And Lucie and James kind of have their own senses of humor, but both of them have a bit of Will.

How much of Jem is going to be in The Last Hours series? Will there be a series (if Jem and Tessa have kids) from the maybe kids of Jem and Tessa? One more will there be any Jem and Will interactions?

Hello, Jem fan! Yes, I see you there, being all about Jem. That is ok. I also love Jem. I cannot tell you much about Jem’s future — I’d say come back and ask after City of Heavenly Fire. But yes, he and Will interact in The Last Hours. I always figured that once Jem was off being an SB, Will would spend his time making up reasons why he needed to see the Silent Brothers or visit the City of Bones constantly.
Will: I have cut my finger! I need to see the Silent Brothers!
Henry: Surely it will heal on its own?

See the full Q and A here.

What do you think of Clare's answers? What major questions do you already have regarding The Last Hours?

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