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Cass Tech football star gets plea deal in body slam case

On Friday Detroit Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell pled guilty to misdemeanor assault in a plea deal before Wayne County Circuit Judge Timothy Kenny. Campbell had been charged with assault with intent to great bodily harm, a felony. As part of the plea deal Kenny granted Campbell Holmes Youthful Trainee status, which if he follows all the conditions, would keep the charge off his record.

On Jan 22. Campbell was videotaped picking up a 23-year-old school security guard, lifting him over his head and slamming him to the ground. The security guard reportedly told Campbell to pull his hoodie down, which is a school rule. When Campbell would not comply the officer told him to report to the office, which set off Campbell’s assault.

This is not Campbell’s first episode with assaultive behavior. Last fall after a football game he punched a Catholic Central player in the face.

Campbell was a high school junior at the time of the incident. He was already offered an athletic scholarship to play football at Michigan State University in 2015. It is unclear if that offer is still available to him.

Campbell was initially suspended after the incident, but he has been back at Cass Tech since April. According to Mick McCabe of the Detroit Free Press this is a violation of state law. According to McCabe the law states: “A student in sixth grade or above who physically assaults an employee must be expelled but can apply for reinstatement after 180 school days.”

One man’s opinion:

First, Jayru Campbell should not be receiving Holmes Youthful Trainee Status (YTA). The act was originally set up years ago primarily for young drug offenders. I do not believe the intent was to let those with violent assaults off the hook.

I hope Michigan State revokes its scholarship offer to Campbell. This is a public funded University and Campbell has committed act’s that should exclude him from the school. I wonder how many MSU students who have a permanent record because of a 2nd Minor in Possession charge would be happy to see Campbell on campus?

The Detroit school board should be held accountable to somebody for breaking the state law and allowing Campbell back in school.

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