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Casio offers expression and fashion in the classroom for back to school

Casio calculators for back to school; Casio FX-9680II
Casio calculators for back to school; Casio FX-9680II
photo courtesy of Casio, used with permission

Back to school season is here! It's time for much-needed back-to-school shopping. From clothes, accessories to backpacks, students are hitting the stores to find the fashions that best express their personal styles. Thanks to Casio, a mega electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Japan that produces calculators, cell phones, cameras, musical instruments and watches, personal style doesn’t have to stop there.

go back to school in style with Casio!
photo courtesy of Casio, used with permission

Style can carry over to school supplies and electronics. Check out Casio’s latest line of scientific and graphing calculators! Casio's extensive portfolio of calculators, such as Casio’s FX-260, FX-300ES PLUS, FX-9860GII, and FX-9750GII help students excel at any math level, ranging from elementary school through college – all in fresh shades of pink, blue, black, gray and white that are almost as bright as the students using them. In addition to personality popping color, Casio’s portfolio of color calculators offers features for basic math to trigonometry including a built-in spreadsheet, which has a graphing function for problems that require plotting points on a graph or entering x-data and y-data in a table, and more.

Below are some must-have fashion forward calculators by Casio that can be found at a Staples nearest you:

Casio FX-9680II in Pink is a great graphing calculator that's feminine, pretty, fashion forward, and will make any fashionista love math and physics!

Casio Fx-9750GII in Blue is another fabulous graphing calculator that offers advanced functions for algebra, geometry, statistics or calculus and has dual screen capability.

Casio FX-300ES PLUS in Blue is a scientific calculator with advanced functions and great value!

Casio FX-260 is another fabulous scientific calculator that is of amazing value, and will be sure to get students through college. Thanks to its solar panel that works in both sunlight and artificial light, you can save extra money by not having to buy batteries.