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Casinos blackjack payouts to change in several Las Vegas casinos

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

News is out that several of the casinos in Las Vegas have big plans to change their payout on blackjack. The house is losing too much money and they want to take more of yours. On Monday, MSN shared about what this will mean if you are actually going to be gambling on your next vacation trip to Las Vegas.

You will be losing more money if you lose and winning less money if you win. Basically if you bet $10 you will now win $12 instead of $15. That is a pretty big difference and most people are not going to be okay with this one. Every casino isn't changing though so you can decide where you want to gamble based on this news.

One person who is a gambler noticed it. They spoke out and said, "Up until about a year ago, most of the six-to-five games were low-limit and single-deck games. Now these casino bosses have boldly implemented six-to-six on two-deck and six-deck games and they're even doing it on higher-minimum tables." This came from Henry Tamburin.

So far the ones to change are the casinos owned by Las Vegas Sands, which would be the Venetian and the Palazzo casino. There might be more doing it soon. These are the ones that have admitted to it so far.

Most people who are in Las Vegas love the idea of gambling and playing blackjack is one thing that they like to do. It is for the thrill of winning money though and the idea of losing more money is probably not something that they will take lightly. It will be interesting to see if this big change will make people go to a different place to gamble when they go on a big trip to Las Vegas next time.