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Casino worker walks through blizzard to get to job at Ballys Park Place

Atlantic City has at least one dedicated casino worker. The 52-year-old woman walked to work through the blizzard to man her post at a boardwalk casino.

Michelle Sobolewski is a credit representative at Bally's Park Place. She lives a few miles from the boardwalk. Sobolewski was due to begin work at 8 p.m., Sunday night and she set off extra early to get to work on foot.

"It normally takes me eight minutes to get to work," said Sobolewski. "Last night it took me 50 minutes."

Sobolewski enjoyed cross crountry skiing in her youth, but she did not have skies on Sunday night.

"If you ever cross country skied it was like breaking trail," said Sobolewski. "The drifts were high, it was bad."

Sobolewski said she managed the cold by dressing in layers and wearing a Goose down coat made to withstand low temperatures. She also said her trek would have been faster if she used her skies on the boardwalk.

"If I had my skies last night I would have made better headway," said Sobolewski.

When asked why she would brave walking through a blizzard to get to work, Sobolewski was very matter of fact about her answer after working 12 hours straight in the credit department at Ballys.

"Everyone called out and I am the only one who lives in town," said Sobolewski. "There was no way anybody could get in. We are short staffed now and people are on vacation. I had a job to do."

Sobolewski is not suggesting everyone should walk through a blizzard, she has had special training for snow. She warns people not to take a gamble with their health or safety in a snow storm.

"I did this in the last snow storm and I was stuck here for four days," she said. "If you are home, stay there. Watch the news, catch up on your old videos and eat good food. If you were here now you would be stuck like me."


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