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Casino snakes in Pennsylvania: Slithered off a Facebook page of rumors

Casino snakes are just a rumor on Facebook, PA casino has no snakes!
Casino snakes are just a rumor on Facebook, PA casino has no snakes!
Wikimedia Commons

Casino snakes, which are made up of slithering rumors with fangs and a venomous bite pulled out of thin air, are buzzing online today much to the dismay of the casino. Rumors of snakes at a Pennsylvania casino can’t be good for business, so this may be why the folks from Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem are actively squashing those rumors, according to Fox News on Jan. 28.

Julia Corwin, the spokesperson for the casino which is snake saturated via rumors, reports there hasn’t even been one sighting of a snake, never mind several as online rumors might have you believing.

She reminding folks via the media that the presence of security cameras throughout the establishment would have picked up the slithering creatures if there were any around as being suggested online. This rumor started with an online story.

The Facebook rumor claims that a girl had some type of an irritation on her leg and visited her doctor, who immediately labeled it a snake bite. He then asked her if she had been at the Bethlehem Casino.

If the casino’s word that there are no snakes in the building isn’t enough, then how about the state police? The PA State Police operate a substation at the casino. Trooper William Ortiz reports “absolutely zero snakes” inside.

There you have it, the casino offers a snake-less gambling experience!

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