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Casino snakes: Facebook rumor slithers on, Sands Casino refutes false claims

Photo of a snake coiling around on itself
Photo of a snake coiling around on itself
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Casino snakes have become such a rumored “pest” to Sands Casino Resort officials that they have released a formal statement refuting these false claims. After a Facebook post went viral suggesting that many people have been suffering sudden snake bites at the Sands, a representative for the locale has confirmed that no animals are allowed on property, save for Service animals. UPI News shares this Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, that this alleged myth has become so troublesome on Facebook that it apparently has been hurting the site’s gambling business.

While casino snakes may initially sound like a slithering slots game, it is in fact a pesky rumor that Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has needed to publicly deny. Representatives from the casino have stated that there are no snakes on the premises, and no reported incidents in which snake bites have been cited on the property.

“There have been no reported incidents of snakes on our property,” casino rep Julia Corwin said in a statement Tuesday. “We do not allow any animals on property with the exception of Service animals.”

These rumors seemingly began with a little Facebook post. A Facebook user alleged that he had been to the doctor for a growing pain that was soon diagnosed to be a serious snake bite. The patient noted a recent visit to the casino in his report, and the doctor allegedly said that a number of patients had gotten “bitten at the Sands.”

"It seems like there was one post that was going around and then it's been kind of modified in a bunch of different directions," reported Corwin to a local news source while refuting these claims. "If I saw a snake I would jump on a table. If there was any sighting of this there would be no way that we couldn't know about it."

It seems that these casino snakes won’t be slithering across a floor at the Pennsylvania gambling site anytime soon.

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