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Cashing in on Local Energy Rebates

Justin Eduy Solar Screen Shop
Justin Eduy Solar Screen Shop

There are excellent energy rebate programs going on all over Texas to make homes more energy efficient. According to Jeff Rinehart, owner of , many of his customers are taking advantage of energy rebate offers right now from Denton Municipal Electric in Denton, TX. Most of Jeff's customers are receiving energy rebates ranging from $50 to over $500. Jeff's company offers a variety of home energy efficiency services including solar screens, insulation, radiant barrier, and home energy audits.

What is available in your area is totally dependent upon which specific local distribution supplier that you have, which depends upon on where you live. Not everyone lives in an area where incentive programs are available. It's up to each individual homeowner to find out what is available in their own location.

The local electric distribution service providers are offering free money to upgrade your home to lessen the load off of local electrical transmission grids which capacities are frequently overloaded. The majority of transmission lines in the USA are outdated and very expensive to upgrade or replace. Many of our transmission lines were built 20 to 30 years ago, in some cases even more. In simple terms, the grid is struggling to keep up with population growth, new homes, and new businesses.

Here is an example of how it works in the Dallas Forth Worth area in North Texas: In Dallas, you would need to call Oncor. Oncor handles the electric distribution in the majority of the DFW metroplex. Up the road 20 miles north, in Lewisville, you need call TNMP (Texas New Mexico Power). If you live 10 miles further north, in Denton, you need to contact Denton Municipal Electric. Oncor, TNMP, and Denton Municipal Electric all have energy efficiency programs. All 3 programs vary in product categories, dollar amounts, and percentages of coverage.

Here is a breakdown of rebates offered by Denton Municipal Electric:

  • Programmable Thermostats: $50 per unit/ up to 50%
  • Insulation: $400 per structure/ up to 50%
  • Radiant Barrier: $300 per structure
  • Solar Screens: $200 per structure/ up to 30%
  • HVAC Upgrades: $700 per unit limit (16 SEER or higher)
  • Windows: $500 per structure/ up to 30%
  • Solar Water Heaters: $300 per structure/ up to 50%
  • Solar Energy System: $15,000 maximum/ $3 per watt

Get more information on energy rebates, tax credits, and learn all the options available to make your home energy efficient with this new home energy guide: How to Lower Home Energy Bills: From A to Z


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