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'Cash for Appliances' in Kentucky begins on Earth Day, April 22

Cash for Appliances
Cash for Appliances

We all remember the Cash 4 Clunkers program from last year.  This was where you could trade in your older not-so-good on gas mileage vehicle for a vehicle with higher gas mileage while receiving a rebate.  Well, this year we now have the 'Cash for Appliances' program for household appliances. The state of Kentucky will pay consumers up to $400 to purchase appliances designated as Energy Star Appliances. Those are appliances that meet government standards for energy efficiency.  Energy Star appliances can be seen here.

The 'Cash for Appliances' program in Kentucky begins on Earth Day on April 22.  Rebates will run from $50 up to $400 depending upon the appliance.  In Kentucky 16 appliances have been designated to be part of the program. They include dishwashers, refrigerators, front-loading clothes washers, and hot water heaters. Dryers are not included because they are not energy efficient.

General Electric's new hybrid hot water heater which will soon be manufactured in Louisville is expected to be one of the more popular products. The state of Kentucky has $4 million to give to consumers. Once the money is gone the program is over.  The amount of money each state gets was determined by its population.

To be eligible consumers have to purchase an E-Star appliance that will replace an older less efficient one. Some stores like Sears say they will be open extra hours to deal with what they expect will be a big increase in their business on that day.

To learn more about Kentucky's 'Cash for Appliances' program, specifically which appliances are eligible along with the rebate amount go to the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence.

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