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Casey Williams: Evansville's best kept secret


Casey Williams records at MTSU

     Walking into a bar invokes an array of stimuli; smoke overpowers the nostrils, glaring lights juxtaposed with dark-lit corners confuse the eyes, and have you ever touched the bar itself?  One word: sticky.  So why do we do it?  Why do we subject ourselves to this carnival of sensations?  While I can't explain why the masses of bar-goers put up with it, I can at least give you one reason why I frequent these establishments; Casey Williams

     A 22-year-old wonder-kin out of Santa Claus, Indiana, Casey Williams acoustic show is just that; a show.  The performance itself actually takes the listener out of the bar scene and puts them in an place not often found with other performers.  The listener finds themselves lost in thought while watching and listening to Casey play.  To put it bluntly, the kids' got soul.  Armed with an acoustic guitar, a loop station, and a bluesy vocal mix of grit and passion, Casey puts a fresh yet familiar spin on a wide range of songs.  From Eric Clapton to Jack Johnson to The Black Crowes, there's something for everyone.  Each song is played beautifully, and each loop is seamless.  Casey also proves something that any musician will admit; you can fit a blues line in any song.

     Sound too good to be true?  Well, here's the catch; don't go to one of Casey's shows expecting to hear "Crazy Bitch" or Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".  A true artist, Casey stays loyal to his own play list, playing only the tunes that move him or bear some meaning to him personally.  Is this a setback?  In this writer's eyes; No.  It is beyond refreshing to go to a show and be taken on a journey with the performer.  Too often have musicians fallen prey to the "jukebox syndrome" of playing whatever is yelled out, resulting in back-to-back Skynard tunes.  Playing since the age of 5, Casey reveals a confidence on stage that few 22-year-olds have, and his witty jokes with the crowd is a testament to his level of maturity.

     Casey can be found at Little Cheer's every Wednesday night from 10:30-2:30, as well as other area venues including RiRa's and The Deerhead.  Check out his myspace page here, and be sure to checkback here at for a sit-down interview with Casey in the upcoming weeks.


  • Ashley 5 years ago

    Great review! Casey is a wonderful musician... the kind that you can absolutely get lost in!

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