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Casey Kasem 'won't be with us much longer,' family gathers at his bedside

Casey Kasem 'won't be with us much longer'
Casey Kasem 'won't be with us much longer'
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Radio legend Casey Kasem “won't be with us much longer” according to the spokesperson for Casey's daughter Kerri Kasem. The confirmation of the icon's frail health comes as a heartbreaking development for fans who have been following the Kasem family situation. CNN shared the latest details on Saturday.

After months of bitter and brutal battles between Casey's wife Jean and his children from a former marriage, Casey's daughter Kerri finally won in court and was able to take over the medical care for her ailing 82-year-old father. Sadly, it seems Kasem is in very dire shape. The family, including Kerri, her brother Mike, sister Julie and Casey's brother, are gathering by their father's side at Washington's St. Anthony Hospital.

Despite the months of turmoil with Jean Kasem, Kerri and her siblings say they want to set it all aside to be there for Casey in the time he has left. The beloved Hollywood icon is suffering from Lewy body dementia, and he has been hospitalized since Kerri got a full health conservatorship over his care recently. Kerri said in a statement,

"If he opens his eyes, I want my dad just once to see everyone standing around him, putting our differences aside and let him know how much he is loved by everyone, including Jean and Liberty."

It seems Casey Kasem's time left with his family is truly limited, and the court has determined that Kerri should have control over medical decisions at this point. However, Jean Kasem hasn't given up her fight. She's made some hefty allegations toward Kerri, but it seems Casey's oldest children are doing their best to focus on their father rather than their stepmother at this point. Julie said,

"My dad taught us that family comes first. We want to honor him and make sure all of his family, including Jean and Liberty, are surrounding him with love at this critical time.”

Just a few days prior to the spokesperson's statement that Casey Kasem won't be with us much longer, Kerri Kasem posted to her Facebook page asking for prayers. She wrote,

“I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the power of intention. I believe that when a person or group of people focus on what is needed they can create a certain outcome. Whatever it is you believe in, I ask that you take a moment and pray, or focus on sending love and healing energy to my father. He needs it right now.”

In the midst of fighting so hard to help her father, Kerri Kasem has also been fighting hard for other families in similar types of situations. She's created the organization Kasem Cares Foundation, and her group is working on a bill that would help families struggling with similar family challenges. As for Casey Kasem's declining health, fans are lending all of their support to the family as they face these final days, or perhaps even hours, together.

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