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Casey Kasem wife investigated for elder abuse

TV and radio host Casey Kasem is not doing well and now things aren't looking good for his wife Jean Kasem either. On Thursday, TMZ shared the news that she is actually being investigated for elder abuse now. She removed him from the home and moved him across the country when they were dealing with drama with his daughter. Now that could get her into trouble.

She took him out of Berkley East Convalescent Hospital last month and then took him to Nevada. This was a long car trip when Kasem was already not doing well. His health was failing but she wanted to get him away from the family. After that she drove him around more and then even flew him to Washington for care.

During all of this traveling, Casey Kasem ended up with a bedsore. He now has a terrible infection and it is possible they can prove that the bedsore is the reason. Things are not looking good for Jean Kasem at the moment. At this time, Casey Kasem's health is slowly fading.

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