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Casey Kasem's corpse is missing

Casey and Jeanie
Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

It's been over a month since Casey Kasem passed away. The famed DJ had lived a long life of 82-years, but reports on July 19, 2014 reveal that the icon's body is missing. A reported feud between his children and his second wife has turned into quite the spectacle, and the iconic DJ's memory is being sullied with the undignified way his remains are being treated. This report shares more about the story.

Kasem died on June 15 after suffering for years with dementia. It was around that time that Kasem's second wife Jean was in media reports after throwing raw meat at Kasem's daughter. The former 80s sexpot claimed that she did so with biblical intent -- whatever that means. The loved ones of the deceased have had to deal with a lot over the past handful of years. They've had to deal with Jeanie Kasem blocking their attempts to visit Casey when he was ailing, near death. They've had to deal with Jeanie taking him and hiding him not long before his high profile death.

Now Jeanie is missing along with Casey's corpse.

This is truly a macabre development in a case that is already shameful and heartbreaking. Casey Kasem deserves to rest in peace, but his body is being disrespected so much in death -- just as much as it was in his last weeks of life. The whereabouts of Jean Kasem and her dead husband's body are unknown, but this is all convenient in that the man's children were finally going to view his remains. They've tried to visit their father since before he died -- and for weeks he was kept hidden by Jean. Now she's keeping him hidden once more, but under what conditions? How could she possibly be able to store a human cadaver properly? This won't be a pleasant thought, but it's very likely that any viewing Casey's family will have may end up being closed-casket -- and it will all be thanks to this horrible feud that they are embroiled in with Jeanie Casem.

This family conflict between the Casem children and their stepmother isn't anything new. It affects many families across the world who aren't rich and famous. The difference between these average families and the situation involving the Kasems, is that the Kasem circus is being aired for all to ogle and watch in horror -- and of course to some degree, schadenfreude. This family feud has become fodder for celebrity gossip rags and their readers, but the reality is quite frightening. A man's corpse is missing, and his wife is allegedly behind the disappearance. Anything is probable as to what can come next.

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