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Casey Kasem's body is missing: Court orders autopsy but a body cannot be found

Radio legend Casey Kasem is still missing. That is, his body is missing, and for a family that had had so much trouble locating and visiting him prior to his reported death, it would appear they are again having difficulties with Jean Kasem and have yet to see the body after it was delivered to a mortuary from the hospice where Kasem, at 82 and suffering from dementia, had been staying when he died. Kasem's children by his first marriage, although they had gained court approval to care for their aging father, still have not seen Kasem's body since he was taken to a funeral home in Tacoma, Washington.

ABC News reported (via Yahoo News) July 19 that Casey Kasem's daughter, Kerri, had confirmed that Casey Kasem's adult children had yet to see their father's dead body. An autopsy, which the children want performed, has not been conducted, either. In fact, within 72 hours of Kasem's death, Jean Kasem, received his corpse and delivered it to Gaffney Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Tacoma, for memorial and cremation preparation. After the body had his wife, Jean, left with the body.

But the children found this out, according to the Associated Press (via Yahoo News), when a judge granted Kerri Kasem a restraining order, placing the remains of Kasem on hold from cremation. When they arrived to serve the restraining order, the director of Gaffney Funeral Home informed them that the body was no longer in their possession.

Casey Kasem died June 15.

ABC News confirmed that the funeral home no longer had the body. The news organization also spoke with Jean Kasem, who insisted that the body is not missing.

Kerri Kasem's lawyer, Scott Winship, noted: "They said they could not disclose where he had gone or where he would end up."

Funeral director Tim Grant confirmed Winship's statement, telling the Associated Press, "I cannot discuss the actual arrangements themselves, but he's no longer in our care."

Doing a little detective work, the Associated Press discovered via Casey Kasem's death certificate that his body was to be removed from the state in the listing for intended disposal of remains. The body was to go to a funeral home in Montreal for final disposition and the date for said disposition was set for July 14.

According to the listed funeral home, Urgel Bourgie, the facility had not disposed of any remains attached to the name Casey Kasem and no one by that name existed in its computer system.

Kasem's daughter had asked a judge to not only grant a restraining order but also to allow for an autopsy to be performed. The judge ordered Jean Kasem to preserve her late husband's body at the funeral home in Tacoma, to keep the body in cold storage until an autopsy could be conducted.

At present nobody outside of Jean Kasem knows where the body that produced the legendary voice of Shaggy in the Hannah-Barbera cartoon "Scooby Doo" and "American Top 40" might be. She insists that the body isn't missing.

So where are the remains? And what will the children of Casey Kasem have to do find out? Well, if history is to be of any help determining their course, they will be in court waging legal warfare with their father's second wife, because, given that she says the body is not missing, then, apparently, she either knows where the remains are or knows what has become of them, and it just might take a court order to get her to give up her dead husband.

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