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Casey Kasem missing: Former 'Top 40' host goes missing, judge orders probe

Casey Kasem
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Casey Kasem has gone missing. On Monday, May 12, a judge ordered a probe into the former "Top 40" host's whereabouts. According to ABC News, Kasem has been missing for an undisclosed amount of time, presumably moved somewhere by his estranged wife, Jean Kasem. She has been keeping her husband -- who has advanced Parkinson's Disease -- away from his kids and has evidently moved him to a new medical facility without telling anyone.

Kasem's children have been fighting to be in their dad's life for several months. Just today, Kasem's daughter Kerri Kasem was "appointed her father's temporary caretaker" but not knowing where he is makes that impossible. Kerri is hoping to find her father and to take over for her stepmother.

"As temporary conservator, Kerri Kasem will have access to her father's medical records and other reports that have previously been sealed by court order," ABC News reports. This is definitely a "victory" for the Kasem kids given what their stepmother has put them through. But it sounds like the problems aren't just going to stop.

Casey Kasem likely went missing because his wife doesn't want his children to find him. Jean Kasem's attorney, Craig Marcus, appeared in court on her behalf today and told the judge that his client's husband was not in the United States. Marcus would not elaborate on the situation. The Kasem family, however, has reason to believe that Kasem was taken to an Indian reservation in Washington state.

The 82-year-old star needs round-the-clock medical care. According to Fox News, a court investigator and adult protective services have been ordered to locate Mr. Kasem. Despite Marcus' claims that Kasem's wife has the right to move her husband wherever she wants, not telling Kasem's children is unethical.

Casey Kasem will hopefully be located soon. His children are happy that a judge heard their side of the story and that they are going to have access to their father once he's found. Everyone hopes that Kasem is okay -- wherever he is -- and that his children finally get to spend some time with him since they've been shut out for so long.

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