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Casey Kasem is found after daughter reports him missing

Jean and Casey Kasem
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Casey Kasem's family has not had contact with him in a week. On Wednesday The New York Daily News announced that the 82-year-old radio icon has been found. He seems to be in good health. Police said that he is located in Washington. The circumstances are unknown to the public.

The good news reached Kasem's daughter Kerri Wednesday evening. She had reportedly made a missing persons report a few hours earlier. She did not question the circumstance of why he is in Washington, but just wants to know if he is safe and healthy. She has told reporters linked to the case that she is just praying. According to CNN, Kerri recently won temporary medical conservatorship over her father. The conservatorship is in place until a June 20 hearing.

Reports later surfaced that Kerri believed that her step-mom Jean was hiding Kasem and that her father had been kidnapped. Jean was overheard speaking about taking Kasem out of the country and possibly to an Indian Reservation. Kerri thought that the reason behind the stunt was money. Jean thought that Kasem's children would change the will. The children said that they have no intention of doing so.

Kasem has been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and has a feeding tube. Kerri was very concerned for his well-being because he requires 24-hour care and he needed his medication. Just last Tuesday, Kerri and her sister were allowed to visit her father after months of not seeing him. It was a successful visit for the family because he knew who they were and he was communicating with them. At the end of the visit, he wanted to know when they were coming back.

Kasem is best known for hosting "American Top 40" and "Casey’s Top 40." He also was the voice for Shaggy in "Scooby Doo." Kasem retired in 2009.

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