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Casey Kasem hospital: 82nd birthday for Kasem spent in hospital

Casey Kasem in 2004
Photo by Michael Tullberg

Casey Kasem was in the hospital for his 82nd birthday on April 27. According to NewsMax, Kasem was in Berkley East Convalescent Hospital being treated for "advanced Parkinson's disease and dementia." Previously he had been staying in his home, being "cared for" by his estranged wife, Jean Kasem. It had been reported that Kasem had limited time left.

Despite legal battles between Kasem's wife and his kids (who are seeking conservatorship of their dad), Kasem has clung on to life and everyone is taking his health day by day. It's very hard to watch a family member go through something like this, but to be stopped from seeing and caring for your parent? That's really tough.

With Casey Kasem in the hospital, his kids can see him any time, so in a way, it's good. Previously, his wife Jean was blocking contact. "Mike, Kerri, and Julie Kasem, the adult children of the famed radio host and his first wife Linda Myers, claimed in court that Jean Kasem suddenly cut them off from their father in the summer of 2013 as his health worsened," reports NewsMax.

It is unknown if Kasem's children spent the day with their dad on Sunday, but it would be nice to think that. They have just wanted to spend time with their ailing dad, nothing more.

Casey Kasem's hospital stay may or may not continue for the rest of his life. It has been reported that he's on hospice care.

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