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Casey Kasem heartwarming memorial: Star's oldest children honor their dad

Casey Kasem's heartwarming memorial was attended by about 200
Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

The weekend memorial held in California for Casey Kasem was heartwarming, his family says. After a difficult year of failing health and family battles, Kasem passed away recently surrounded by loved ones. On Monday People shared the details about how the radio icon was remembered and celebrated.

Casey's daughter Julie Kasem says that it was beautiful to have all of her father's loved ones come together and pay tribute to him. About 150 to 200 people got together at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church Saturday to pay their respects. All three of Casey's oldest children, Mike, Kerri and Julie, spoke at the memorial, along with Casey's close friends and brother.

Though the memorial for Casey Kasem was heartwarming, Casey's wife Jean and his daughter Liberty chose not to attend. Danny Deraney, the spokesman for the older children, confirmed for TheWrap that Jean and Liberty were not there. Those who did attend got to see a video presentation that Mike created, which surely contained many of the iconic moments fans remember from throughout Kasem's career.

Though the past few months have been challenging for everybody in the family, Julie Kasem says she was pleased with the Bel Air memorial. She believes that “It was a heartwarming celebration of my dad's life.” Casey Kasem passed away on Father's Day at the age of 82, just a few days after the family decided to follow Casey's wishes and transition him to comfort-centered care. Kerri Kasem explained via Facebook that at that stage of her father's dying process, this was the shift that was necessary to prevent him further pain and suffering.

Though the way things transpired during the star's final months were heartbreaking, fans smile knowing that the memorial was one that honored Kasem so fully. People from all aspects of Casey's life came together to pay tribute to someone fans will never forget. Casey Kasem's heartwarming memorial sounds as if it was a fitting send-off for the man who created so many memories throughout his long career.

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