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Casey Kasem found in Washington

Casey Kasem stands behind his wife Jean Kasem in a 1990s photo.

Casey Kasem, the well-known “American Top 40” radio show host who told listeners to keep their feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars for decades, has been found. After days of reports stating that his whereabouts were unknown, Kasem’s family said that he has been located in Washington state. Danny Deraney - who is the publicist of Kasem’s daughter Kerri Kasem - made the announcement, according to a USA Today report on Thursday.

The statement from Deraney said that they had received confirmation that Casey Kasem had been found. He went on to say that the family has had grave concerns about the former star’s health and they will do everything in their power to bring him back home to Los Angeles. The statement was made via Facebook.

On Monday of this week, a judge became involved with the case of Kasem’s whereabouts. The judge ordered an investigation as to where the 82-year-old radio host was being kept. According to Kasem’s children who have had an ongoing struggle with Kasem’s wife over seeing him, he was removed from his Los Angeles home without his children knowing anything about the move.

There are medical concerns regarding Kasem which keep him from caring for himself, according to ABC News. He reportedly has advanced Parkinson’s disease. Due to his condition, he can no longer speak. Throughout Kasem’s health challenges, his wife Jean Kasem has put him in a variety of medical facilities that she has chosen. Kasem’s children have had to battle her for a lengthy period of time to have the opportunity to see their father.

Casey Kasem became famous several decades ago with a syndicated radio music show called “American Top 40.” On the show, he counted down the top 40 songs as listed on the Billboard charts and gave interesting tidbits about the songs, artists, and more. Following that radio show, he broke away from the Billboard charts and was the host of “Casey’s Top 40.” He was also the voice of Shaggy in the Scooby-Doo cartoon.

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