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Casey Kasem found in Pacific Northwest

Casey Kasem with his wife of 35 years, Jean Kasem in 2007
Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

"Missing" radio DJ and the voice of "Shaggy" on "Scooby Doo", Casey Kasem has been found where his children suspected he would be; on an Indian reservation in Washington state. Other reports are saying he was found "somewhere in the Pacific Northwest." For several years, the children from his first marriage, Julie, Kerri, and Mike Kasem, have been fighting his wife of almost 35 years, Jean Kasem, for everything pertaining to their father. Kasem, 82, is suffering from Parkinson's disease and unable to talk. His children filed for conservatorship last October but were denied. The children say Kasem suffers from Lewy Body Dementia.

His children say they had a nice visit with Kasem at the Berkley East Convalescent Hospital in Santa Monica on May 6th. A nephew said he overheard Jean talking on the phone to a niece in Washington. He reported to his aunt that Jean Kasem said she needed an Indian reservation that had an airstrip. Jean took Kasem out of the hospital after hours and they hadn't been heard from since. The children claim they have no interest in his $80 million fortune.

The children appeared in court on May 12th and the judge, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy, asked Jean Kasem's attorney where they were. He claimed he didn't know anything except that they had left the country. In November, Jean and the attorney released a statement that said, "These children falsely claim that their stepmother is wicked and is keeping her husband prisoner.... For reasons they know all too well, their presence at this stage would be toxic and extremely distressing for Casey, Jean and their daughter, Liberty, who have had enough of their cruelty."

The judge had ordered a court investigator to find Casey Kasem and on Wednesday night, daughter Kerri filed a missing person's report with Santa Monica Police. "He's already been found. He was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest," Sgt. Mario Toti told the NY Daily News. Kerri told the Daily News, "If they found him, I want to know if he's alright. We haven't heard anything. We just want to know he's okay." It will be interesting to see if the children can exercise any legal right over their father while he's on Indian land. The Pacific Northwest has a large number of reservations, including over 30 in just Oregon and Washington.

Quick Facts:

  • Jean had eight miscarriages before they had their daughter, Liberty, in 1990.
  • The couple was married in 1980 by Rev. Jesse Jackson.
  • Born Kemal Amin Kasem on April 27, 1932.
  • Started and hosted the first installment of American Top 40 on July 4, 1970.
  • Passed the American Top 40 torch to Ryan Seacrest in 2004.
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