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Casey Kasem dead: Radio and TV legend dies at age of 82

Casey Kasem
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Fans of Casey Kasem are sad this morning to hear the news that the television and radio personality has passed away. On Sunday, Entertainment Weekly shared the news that he passed away on Father's Day after a long battle. He has been ill for a while now but they have not revealed the actual cause of death as this time. Just a few days ago a judge revealed that they would be able to stop giving him the feeding tube that got him liquids and food.

The news came out straight from Casey's daughter Kerri. She shared it on social networks. Her father was surrounded by his family and passed away on Father's Day. Kerri shared the news that he was surrounded by family and friends when he passed away. This is amazing that things worked out that way considering the family has been at odds for a while. During part of the time when he was sick, Kerri wasn't even allowed in to see her father.

Casey Kasem was survived by his four children and his wife Jean Kasem. Casey was best know for his voice and you could never miss it if you heard him. He had the America's Top 40 radio show for almost 20 years. He also did voices for characters on several shows including "Scooby Doo." He played the role of Shaggy.

People shared that his first name was really Kemal. He retired back in 2009. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2006. Ever since then his health has been going down. His children said that his wife Jean Kasem was keeping the children away from him while he was ill and this continued the entire time. Luckily it sounds like they were all able to get along well enough in the end so that Casey Kasem could be surrounded by his family and friends as he passed away on Father's Day.

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