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Casey Anthony witness, Deputy Jason Forgey, kills 737-pound alligator

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This alligator hunting season has surely brought some amazing catches across the country. In Orange County, Fla., a well-known off-duty officer was one of two men who killed a 13-foot, 737-pound alligator on Saturday. According to a Sept. 9 article on Huffington Post, Jason Forgey, an officer who testified in the Casey Anthony case, was astounded when he realized the size of the alligator when they were removing it from the water.

This alligator from the Sunshine State was 10 pounds heavier than the record-breaking gator caught in Mississippi last week. The largest Florida gator ever caught weighed only 654 pounds, 83 pounds less than last weekend's catch. This one, however, didn't make the heaviest record either: the heaviest alligator was 1,043 pounds in 1989.

Forgey told the press that this gator may be the one who bit a 17-year old swimmer. The attack occurred only 100 yards from where this one was caught. The two alligator hunters explained how difficult it was to catch this one. It took two attempts and several hours of struggling.

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