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Casey Anthony's video: Does she deserve the world’s forgiveness?

"Memorial of Caylee Anthony's sixth birthday in 2011."
"Memorial of Caylee Anthony's sixth birthday in 2011."
Phelan Ebenbeck - AP News

NBC’s Today brings the story of Casey Anthony regarding her video released on YouTube.

"Will the world ever really know how this child died?"
AOL Images

She is sporting a complete make-over with short blond hair. NBC verified that this was in fact Casey.

Do you think she will win the public over by what seems to be the first of possibly other videos she plans to release? Will this video solicit forgiveness; or ridicule and harassment to her?

After all this time, how do you feel about her? Sad or sorry for her? Still angry at how she manipulated the world?

Not once does she speak of her trial; nor her dead child. Perhaps it is too painful for her; or is she a mentally disturbed young lady her lawyers make her out to be? Is she still playacting and living in a dream world?

She is in hiding in an undisclosed place until she completes her probation in Florida.

She speaks of being lonely, adopting a dog (which she loves), and her excitement of receiving her computer which she is learning to operate.

Is her demeanor an act or is she trying to reach out to people? Is she is still a master at deception, lying, deceit, and selfishness? Do you think she has… or will change?

Was this video orchestrated by her attorneys or anyone else who might see dollars down the road? Will these videos be a tease to the public hoping one day she will tell what really happened to her child? Will this become some new kind of reality show?

Will she have some kind of following through these video diary visits? She talks about how things have changed for her; and for the better. This only causes one to have flashbacks of her beautiful little girl; and how short her life was on this earth. And how for so long her little body lay in a swamp like a bag of garbage.

Will we ever know or understand the mind of people like Ms. Anthony?

Should she stay out of the public the rest of her life? Should the public forgive and forget? Should she be forgiven for the torment she put a nation through when all along she knew that her child was already dead? Should she be able to profit in anyway because of her child’s death?

Will she ever make peace with her family; and with the world for that matter?

Is she (or should she be), getting counseling? What can we learn from this case that will help prevent other young mothers from playing at being a Mom; while excelling at being a party girl?

You know. It is not for us to decide. We can decide whether or not to look at her videos and make her out to be come kind of cult hero; or we can ignore her; and just hope she fades away into obscurity.

Or should we follow the teachings of Christ who says that it is not our responsibility to judge. She was judged by man’s court of law; and surely she will one day be judged by God’s law.

Should we even bother ourselves about her anymore? Some may remember Carla Faye Tucker Brown who was executed in a Texas prison some years ago. She had committed a terrible heinous crime; and was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to die for her crime.

But like the thief on the cross, she asked for God’s forgiveness through Christ’s atonement. After her conversion, Carla Faye became a model prisoner, taught a Bible class in prison, and became a mentor to other women there in prison who one day were (or will be) released back into the population.

Could Casey Anthony ever experience such a change in her life? Yes.

Will she? Who knows – only God?

There is nothing she can do to bring back her child. There is nothing any of us can do to go back and change the mistakes of our lives; but we can turn to the One who knows our every thought, our every motive; and will judge accordingly.

So what is left for the public to do? Should she be harassed, humiliated, abandoned, and shunned the rest of her life? Each person who has been so deeply angered and hurt by the death of this child will have to look into their own hearts and hear Jesus say, “Those who are without sin, cast the first stone!” John 8:7

How can we best remember little Caylee? We have been asked to turn on our porch lights each year on the night of August 9th to commemorate her short little life; (2005 –2008), and to be reminded that many children throughout our nation are abused and killed every day.

Rather than give the link to Casey's video, you can find the link to a memorial service for Caylee’s sixth birthday on August 9, 2011.


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