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Casey Anthony jeans on sale for $800; ‘Murderabilia’ has fans paying big bucks

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Casey Anthony’s jeans are only $800. A beige, large purse purchased from the Anthony family’s garage sale is also only $800. On Monday the personal items of the woman who Florida infamously knows is being auction off on a site called Serial Killers Ink. According to Death and Taxes magazine on Monday, the newly listed items already are getting some interest from people who closely followed the court trial of the Florida mother.

Coined as “murderabilia,” the items up for sale have people interested in owning the collectibles related to murders, murderers or other violent crimes criminals. A mix of crime and pop culture, it's a way for people to be part of events in their lifetime. As for Casey Anthony, she might have been acquitted by a court of her peers, but public perception is entirely different and folks still haven’t accepted the verdict at face value.

Each of the Casey Anthony items were purchased on June 28, 2013, during an Anthony family garage sale. Along with the item, the company will provide the buyer with a certificate of authenticity asserting that the item belonged to Casey Anthony.

Would you buy a pair of jeans once worn by Casey Anthony? Or a purse that once held items of this individual? While most folks find it offensive to ask, there is a big market for murderabilia and these items are expected to be sold quickly