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Casey Anthony confirmed pregnant by New York agent?

Casey Anthony remains one of the most hated people in America
Orange County; Casey Anthony

Is Casey Anthony pregnant? This Tuesday news source shared that a New York agent has confirmed that the formerly accused killer is four months along with twins. This story is currently going viral, and has been shared all over social media for a handful of days. There's just one problem with this story, though: It's a hoax. Everyone is falling for a satire news site that touts itself as being "America's #1 Independent News Source," because it's apparently easy to fool everyone on social media as long as the news is about someone they can't stand.

Even though this hoax has already been addressed recently, the stories acknowledging it keep getting printed because people keep falling for it. In fact, it's not surprising at all to find out that this Tot Mom pregnancy hoax came up before in 2011 as a topic on Snopes! The Snopes hoax report even acknowledges the rumor that Anthony was going to star in a reality show. Just like 2011, these claims are false today as well. Another variation of the Casey Anthony pregnancy hoax involves the woman adopting a baby, but this was published by the Weekly World News, which is a well known satire periodical.

Could there be any truth at all to these recurring rumors about Anthony having babies? Probably not, but she has written about having more children before. Right now Casey is living her life in seclusion, remaining one of the most hated people in America. She still can't leave her home safely, seek gainful employment or really enjoy her life to the level that she did for those 30 days that she failed to report her daughter missing. It's been over three years since she was acquitted in the murder of her daughter, but in a way she's still imprisoned, and probably will remain so for the rest of her life. It's hard to imagine that any children will be conceived or raised in the reality that has become Casey's life.

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