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CaseMaker Pro lets anyone customize their iPhone case

Put your own image on an iPhone case with the Casemaker Pro
Put your own image on an iPhone case with the Casemaker Pro
Photo Courtesy of Interworks Unlimited

Don't get stuck with having a plain old iPhone case when your friends are showing off their custom cases this summer.

Interworks Unlimited is here to help with their CaseMaker™ Pro fully-customizable iPhone case kit that allows an iPhone user to design their own unique iPhone 5 or 5s case with interchangeable photos, newspapers, postcards, printer-generated print-outs, original art, or almost any other design or image you can come up with.

What You Get

Your CaseMaker Pro kit comes with a cool one-step cropper and a guide. You also receive a clear iPhone 5/5s case that you will use for yourself or make a gift for a friend or relative.

Grab Attention

You will soon be abl to turn heads with pictures of your kids, exotic travel locations or even your favorite "selfie." Casemaker Pro lets you make unique iPhone cases where the only limit is your imagination.

You can also order additional clear cases for when the next idea pops into your head or to give to friend or co-workers.

How it Works

It doesn't get much easier than Casemaker Pro. Simply slide any flat image (photograph, magazine, newspaper, print out) through the front of the CaseMaker Pro one-step cropper. They use minimal elbow grease and push the front panel down to stamp out your newly cut iPhone 5/5s phone cover. This would make a great promotional item for a business or organization to give at an event or fundraiser.

No Worries for Kids

Kids will love the Casemaker Pro. They can easily line-up the image. They can even try different angles and layouts, as I said earlier, the possibilities are endless.

Per Interworks Unlimited, the CaseMaker Pro includes:

CaseMaker Pro one-step photo/paper/magazine cropper device.
One clear, protective iPhone 5/5s case.
Instruction guide.

Availability and Pricing

Available June 24, 2014, priced at $59.99 from Walmart, Amazon at:, ThinkGeek, and

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