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Case against former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez is strong

Charged with orchestrating execution style murder

23-year-old former NFL player Aaron Hernandez is charged with the murder 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, who has been described as a “drinking pal” of the former Patriors tight-end. Lloyd was shot and his body was discovered by a jogger half a mile from the home of Hernandez.

The prosecution claims that this was an execution style murder. According to the victims sister, Hernandez, and two friends of his picked up Lloyd at his home in a silver Nissan Altima at 2:30 AM, June 17th. Security cameras at the industrial park where the victim’s body was discovered captured images of Hernandez’s Altima and employees heard gunshots fired between 3:23 AM – 3:27.

The prosecution claims that when Lloyd was shot he tried to put up his arms, and the bullet struck his forearm. The prosecution alleges that Lloyd then turned to get away and was shot in the back twice, he fell to the ground and was shot in the chest twice.

The evidence is extremely strong against Hernandez. Law enforcement searched a condo leased by Hernandez and discovered boxes of .45 caliber bullets, the same used to shoot Lloyd.

Furthermore, surveillance video depicted Hernandez returning home at around 3:30 AM, walking around with a gun in his hand. I’ve heard some legal experts claim this is not a strong case. Hogwash, the victim is last seen with Hernandez and his pals… The vehicle of Hernandez is captured on security cameras at the industrial park where the body is found, shortly after that Hernandez is walking around his house with a gun. How many of you all just stroll around your house with a gun at 3:30 in the morning?

Additionally, Hernandez hired a cleaning service to wipe his home clean the day of the murder. The New York Post reports that video surveillance equipment, was intentionally destroyed at Hernandez’s home as well.

The Boston Globe reported that when law enforcement informed Hernandez that they were conducting a murder investigation, he responded by slamming the door in their face and locking it, refusing to cooperate.

The big question is, what’s the motive? Rumor has it that Hernandez got into an argument with Lloyd at a Boston nightclub June 14th. The victim was dating the sister of Hernandez’s girlfriend. Rumors are circulating that Lloyd had dirt on Hernandez, being involved in drugs (Hernandez failed drug tests in the past) and that the victim possibly had knowledge of a drive-by shooting that left two people dead in Boston last summer. Hernandez is considered a person of interest in that case.

Moreover, It’s also rumored that the victim was a marijuana dealer. Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend told police that Lloyd was a dealer. Which would bolster the theory that Lloyd had dirt on Hernandez’s drug activities.

Hernandez was known for being violent, a former friend was suing him in federal court for shooting him in the face after the two got into an argument at a Miami strip club in February.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty, and is being held in custody without bail. While he is charged with murder, and prosecutors believe he orchestrated the execution, they have not specifically named him as the shooter.

Carlos Ortiz has also been charged as an accomplice in this case. Ortiz played basketball with the brother of Hernandez and according to USA Today would hang out at the mansion of Hernandez often.

41-year-old Ernest Wallace was extradited from Florida, to Mass. and he also faces charges of accessory to murder.

I just wonder if any of his alleged cohorts will flip on him and rat him out to get a lighter sentence?

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