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Casa Noble Reposado Tequila: A delightful addition to your spirits collection

What do you think of the Reposado?
Permission to use photo given by Casa Noble Tequila

In the world of spirits there are your more well-known brands of Tequila and then there are those that you tend to miss out on just because you don't recognize the name. Today, we are going to shine a light on a rather surprisingly tasty Tequila called Casa Noble Reposado.

Casa Noble Tequila is located in Jalisco, Mexico and has a stable of fine spirits for you to choose from. The other types that we won't be able to detail today are types such as Crystal, Anejo, Single Barrel Reposado and Single Barrel Anejo. Casa Noble's history dates back to the 1700's and has a fine lineage to go with its Tequila.

Like any Reposado, Casa Noble Reposado has a airy amber coupled with that vintage shine of copper we expect to see from a Reposado. When you go in for a full breath, you will immediately be greeted with light vanilla, sensual white oak tones, the latter a product of the aging process. Additionally, we find subtle citrus hints that tend to fall on the lemon side of the spectrum.

The Casa Noble Reposado represents one of the brand's finest spirits and is aged in French White Oak Barrels for 364 days, creating an ultimate note that does not have any rocky, stressful or half-full notes. The Reposado is certainly a very smooth spirit that also carries a strong lush and full-bodied finish.

The entire foundation and platform that Casa Noble Reposado is built upon is its 364 day aging process. The French White Oak Barrels provide the genesis for the overall presentation and finish of it. With the nature of oak being a part of the aging process, we also find some subtle, yet noticeable suggestions of spicy caramel.

The Casa Noble Reposado finalizes itself with a 40% alcohol by volume, which is pretty standard for any Tequila. You can pick up a bottle of the Reposado today for $49.95.

Switching gears, if you are interested in one recipe that we recommend to go with your Casa Noble Reposado, we'd like to present to you the award-winning Supernatural Margarita. To create one of these on your own, you're going to need a bottle of Casa Noble Reposado, Lime Juice, Monin Spicy Mango Syrup, Grapefruit Bitters and Basil Leaves.

To concoct this delight yourself, you'll want to grab yourself a shaker and half fill it up with ice. Then, you'll measure into the shaker one and a half ounces of Casa Noble Reposado, three fourths of an ounce of Lime Juice, one ounce of the Spicy Mango Syrup and a couple dashes of Grapefruit Bitters.

Once you've added all of that into the shaker, you'll want to shake it up thoroughly to ensure the right balance for the blend. After you feel the contents have been shaken adequately, grab yourself a strainer and pour the contents into a low ball glass with crushed ice. To finish it off, garnish the Margarita with four to six Basil Leaves.

With National Tequila Day coming up on July 24th, you now have a fantastic way to celebrate it with you and your friends. Cheers.

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