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Casa Mira View leasing times coming in

The large community estate on eastside Westview Parkway, in Mira Mesa, stays busy with building construction work while the leasing office rents out the built homes to San Diegans. Shop signs on Studio V haircutters and Soapbox cleaners on the front office building remind drivers on the parkway the growth at a new community has been going on.

The Casa Mira leasing office open for renters. Thursday, May 8.
ADam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Front landscaping grows at Casa Mira View community along Westview Parkway.

Carousel horses stand in place on the carousel that sits on the front office estate below the sitting pool with a clear front that looks over the play area. Behind the clock tower, work on a masonry north building that still hardens in the sun fills out a back lot on the long north community grounds. Building additions in Casa Mira View's subdivisions stay on schedule.

Construction team workers do the biggest work on building the east community buildings that line up along the I-15. Townhomes on the Westview Parkway drive overlook the community terrace landscape that grows into shape.

Work equipment and building materials still fill the large open grounds north of the built Casa Mira View homes, behind the BEst Buy on Mira mEsa BOulevard. The full gardens and play community will take years to patch together. Leasing agreements have to fill the homes that cover the acres.

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