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Caryn West speaks at Evergreen UMC in May

Caryn West is the author of The Trouble with the Alphabet.
Caryn West is the author of The Trouble with the Alphabet. promotional graphic

Caryn West, an author, artist and activist, will speak at Evergreen United Methodist Church in Evergreen on Sunday, May 12 at 8 am.

West is the author and illustrator of The Trouble with the Alphabet: Through the Eyes of Innocence, a picture book that presents human rights indignities throughout the world through the eyes of children. A different country is highlighted for each letter of the alphabet, and the book also offers possible solutions for these widespread problems as well as information about organizations already working to help end the exploitation of children worldwide.

In her talk at Evergreen UMC, West will speak on "Seeds of Change," discussing barriers and roadblocks that currently exist to those trying to make changes in the world, and why we should not let those roadblocks stop us in our quest.

For additional information, contact Evergreen UMC at (303) 674-481. Attendance to West's presentation is free.


  • Linda Sullivan 5 years ago

    As God always does, he put me in that little Methodist Church out in Evergreen during a visit with my sister. I was visiting from Rochester NY, and there were only a handful of people during Caryn's talk during the 10:30 service, but I was truly touched by her courage and conviction and am doing all I can to spread the word about her amazing book and the work she is doing. God bless you Caryn. Your message that the atrocities in this world are not what should be depressing us, it's the fact that we learn of them and yet do not act.

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