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Carversville Grocery serves the best breakfast in the New Hope area

Donuts at Carversville Grocery
Donuts at Carversville Grocery
Max Hansen

The best breakfast in New Hope? If mom is not available, hit Max Hansen’s Carversville Grocery.

The hot, steamy, gooey breakfast sandwich

The breakfast sandwich is warm, eggy, happiness on a fresh airy kaiser roll, wrap, or toast. Would you like some extra cheese? How about smoked bacon? Local Haring Brothers sausage settles into an egg like no other meat...unless you consider the pork roll.

The burrito bursting with beans

Just when you thought you had decided what to order, your eye will wander to the breakfast burrito with braised black beans, onions, and peppers rolled in a flour tortilla. Let your gaze remain and ponder the possibilities of adding some meat.

The specials

Along with choices from the regular menu are specials. Does poached egg and spinach over creamy polenta sound special?

The aromatic baked goods

Or maybe your special friend is a warm, freshly baked donut. Cinnamon sugar is a regular feature on the donuts. Is there anything better with the locally roasted coffee? Unless you decide on a chocolate croissant. Maybe breakfast should be followed by dessert. If you can pull yourself away from the donut pile you will notice the incredible assortment of pastries from Sweet Victory bakery that are available. There are muffins encrusted with little slivered almonds and sugar. There is Max’s Doughnut Bread Pudding. It may even be warm...

What to do

Here is what you do. You order a wrap or sandwich for breakfast. Grab a coffee or tea. Sit and watch the cyclists file in and out of the store. Better yet, ride your own bike down to the center of Carversville to burn off the calories from that moment of indecision that will lead to a pork roll sandwich and a croissant and a donut!

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