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Carver Police Officer Harriman rescues puppy from submerged vehicle

When Debra Titus, 59, accidentally lost control of her truck on Saturday and drove off a South Meadow Village road into an eight foot deep lake, one of her two dogs was stuck in the quickly sinking truck. Titus and her other dog, Stitch, were able to scramble to safety reported a press release by the Carver Police Department of Massachusetts.

Officer Harriman rescued Chihuahua Moochie from drowning.
Carver Police Department

When Carver Police Officers Harriman and Melo responded, the Toyota Tacoma was completely underwater, but one of her dogs was still in the vehicle.

Immediately, Officer Harriman handed his gun belt to Melo and jumped into the murky water where he was able to open the door of the vehicle and found the Chihuahua named Moochie. At first Moochie was unconscious, but as the officer squeezed the dog gently and the water pushed out of his little body, Moochie awoke.

The Carver Fire Department and EMS were on the scene, but Officer Harriman, a well-known animal lover who has an English bulldog puppy of his own, became the hero of the day.

Except for being a bit nervous, Moochie is doing well.

Make sure you watch the YouTube reenactment of Officer Harriman's heroic deed.

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