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Cartegram - Find Your Adventure

This game includes a notebook , smart phone and your own feet ( or shoes). You'll also get stickers that you can place on a location and snap a photo with the sticker in site and upload it to Instagram. This game can take a lot of time or just a bit of team. You can be part of season 1 and be one of the first players to mold the game into what it should be.

Players are tasked with finding loosely defined elements in their own city. Upon finding the best possible example (in the player's opinion), an adhesive icon should be placed on an object and a photo should be taken that includes the icon somewhere in view, even if it's tiny. Each stage comes with one icon, so players should be thoughtful when choosing their spot. Upon completing a stage, an Instagram photo should be taken and tagged with #cartegram and the stage number so other players can compare their findings.

Specs + Responsibility

Final notebooks will be approximately 3.5" wide by 5.5" tall.
Icons (stickers) will be approximately 2'' in diameter.

All icons will be printed on compostable stickers that won't cause harm to the environment. Given that a huge component of Cartegram is sticking labels all over the world, it's important that no harmful chemicals dissolve into the ground, and that no private property is damaged by strong adhesives. Basically it's temporary tagging. The icons are designed to cleanly and quickly disappear while the snapshot in your mind (and on your phone) should be more permanent.
Be safe. Don't go venturing into dangerous places. Don't do anything illegal. Don't put a sticker on something that will result in an old lady smacking you in the head with a rolling pin. Don't give the Cartegram community a bad name by doing some stupid.
The game is designed for adults.

There are 10 versions that have been made, so you won't run out of adventure too soon.

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