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Carson Silkey and the joy of honorable daughters

Carson Silkey and his three exceptional daughters
Carson Silkey and his three exceptional daughters
Michele Silkey

In the world of love letters, the value of those to daughters from fathers rank high. But how often do fathers write love letters to their daughters, letters that prove unconditional love, that pretty much list loveable qualities and that reassure a girl that she is worth love as she goes through life?

Sonoma’s Carson Silkey loves being a father. His daughters are spectacular – beautiful, hard working, and compassionate, and he knows it. He tells people about them, says often and out loud what he loves about those girls, how much he admires them and that they can count on him forever to be their protector. Carson and his wife Michele both notice and laud the best in their girls.

Carson tells the following recent incident. “You think your kids do get things correct. Well, my two daughters totally amazed me and my wife. This evening a little elderly lady came to our front door ask for help. She was lost and did not know how to get back to the store she left. She literally walked several blocks in the wrong direction. The dog was barking so badly so the girls put him in another room. Invited this women into our living room while my youngest daughter 13 stayed with the lost women, the other 16 roamed the neighborhood to find someone to drive this poor lady back to her new home across town. This is something incredible when your kids can do something as nice as this. They proved that they can make the right decision in a difficult society. I am so proud of them!!!”

And, well he should be. Will those Silkey girls remember all their lives exactly how their father felt at their behavior, at how they rose to help a lost old woman? That appreciation alone is worth putting on good strong paper in indelible ink so his daughters can for all their lives relive the pride their father felt for their compassion and ability to whip into action to solve a problem. To hear Carson talk about his daughters is a joy. What better content for a love letter than a specific memory of a heroic act? Maybe plunging right in with something like, “I will always remember the day that little old lad came to our door and how proud of you I was,” and then write it all down word by word as it happened. Oh, never forget to put a date on a letter. Memory dims, you know, and that date will make the letter all the more precious. Three cheers for the fathers who write love letters to their children.

From me to you with love in the air,

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