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Carson hosts biggest Porsche auto center in America

Porsche cars cruising around the Silverstone Driving Circuit in Great Britain.
Porsche cars cruising around the Silverstone Driving Circuit in Great Britain.

Eurpoean car maker Porsche is going to strengthen its niche in North America's auto industry with its proposed contruction of one of the two biggest integrated driving experience centers in Carson, California.

This was announced at the LA Auto Show held at the downtown Los Angeles on November 16, 2011. According to a report from the city government of Carson, the project is only one of the two projects to be built in North America and also one of five in the world.

The project is expected to take shape in a sprawling 53-acre land located close to the Dominguez Hills Golf Course. The proposed site is owned by Watson Land Company and leased to Porsche.

Porsche said in its application with the city government that the project will have the state-of-the-art driving skills course, consisting of two courses for driving and hazard-avoidance demonstrations, driving simulators, a human performance center to be used for promoting proper driving posture and testing the drivers' vision and coordination.

It will also have a showcase for cars, a rental facility for high-performance auto parts, and a restaurant. It was announced that the groundbreaking ceremonies will take place in the summer of this year.

City manager David Biggs said in a Carson report that the city of Carson is excited because it was picked as the site for its Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles County.

"With the Carson facility being one of only five of such sites in the world, we are adding another iconic venue in our city, furthering our goal of becoming a destination city," he said.

He added that the city government has committed to work closely with Porsche on the timely review and approval process to meet the company's plans.

Among the other Porsche Experience Centers include the original Porsche Experience Center in the legendary Silverstone Circuit in Great Britain and Centers in Leipzig, Germany and Shanghai, China.

Last May, Porsche also announced North America's Porsche Experience Center to be built as part of its America's headquarters complex in Atlanta, Georgia.


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