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Carseat recall: MiaModa Viva & Viva Supreme child carseat restraint recall November 2009

MiaModa carseat recall
MiaModa carseat recall
photo credit: Lerado Success, Inc.

Lerado Success, Inc. is recalling over 5000 Mia Moda Viva and Viva Supreme carseats in November 2009.  There is a sharp edge near the rear of the seat which can actually cut the harness and in a crash, the carseat would not keep the child safe.  Parents need to check the make and model numbers to see if their carseats are affected in this recall.

MiaModa Viva & Viva Supreme Carseat Recall

The recall includes different MiaModa model carseat restraints and bases.  The seats and bases are being recalled due to potential injury or death to the child because of sharp edges that could actually cut the harness that secures the seat.  The sharp edges are located near the back of the seat where the harness splitter plate is.  The base could also crack during a crash.

The models were purchased at Babies R Us and other stores.

The carseat and base model numbers included in the recall:

  • 5000 (SEAT)
  • 5001 (BASE)
  • 5050 (SEAT)
  • 5051 (BASE)
  • 5070 (SEAT)
  • 5071 (BASE)
  • 5080 (SEAT)
  • 5081 (BASE)

Parents are advised to stop using these child restraints and bases immediately.  Contact Lerado for a full refund.  For registered owners, Lerado will be contacting them also.

Contact Information

Parents can contact Lerado at 877-546-8437 and visit

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