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Cars and Coffee comes to New England, courtesy of Herb Chambers

Herb Chambers hosts Cars and Coffee saturday, Oct 10th at the Sudbury BMW store
Herb Chambers - Photo:

Local car dealer magnate Herb Chambers thought one day, likely as he bopped along in a Ferrari, "you know, Cars and Coffee is onto something." Just like that, the idea for this Saturday's inaugural Herb Chambers Cars and Coffee event was hatched. John Covell, Director of Marketing for the Herb Chambers Companies recounted to Examiner: "He said to me 'If I could wake up on a saturday morning and know that there was someplace I could go to look at cars; exotics and classics and everything else; I'd go in the morning, and I know that there's a lot of people like me.'" Chambers is right, the dealer group's outreach effort to promote the event that runs from 7-10AM this Saturday, October 10th, has resulted in overwhelming response.

The informal and popular Cars and Coffee event originated in Irvine, California, where it's still going strong, and has proliferated around the nation. Affiliated and independent C&C gatherings are popping up wherever there's care enthusiasts and a parking lot. With over 40 dealerships, space is not a problem for Herb Chambers. Covell agrees: "People just love to do this. The biggest problem they have is finding space for it. The good news is, that's what I have plenty of." Indeed, the event will be hosted at the company's BMW dealership on Route 20 in Sudbury, which is shoulder-to-shoulder with Chambers' Land Rover and Bentley stores; blacktop will not be in short supply.

Attracting attention to that new BMW store is part of the plan, of course, but that's not the main goal. "There's no question about the fact that we would not be unhappy if somebody came in and wanted to buy a car, (but) we're not doing it anticipating that this is going to be that kind of event," said Covell. If it's successful, and all indicators are pointing toward a turnout well above initial expectations, monthly events will likely go forward, starting seriously in the spring.

Great cars, a cappuccino bar serving up coffees on the house, and Herb's own McLaren F1 all sound like a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Running from 7-10AM means that you won't even have to reschedule lunch with your mother-in-law.

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