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Carrington Farms coconut oil has added health benefits

Carrington Farms
Carrington Farms
Carrington Farms

We all know the health benefits of cooking with olive oil. It’s great for your skin and hair but did you realize that there are even MORE health benefits to cooking with coconut oil? Not only does it add great flavor to most dishes but it can be also used as a moisturizer in your daily beauty routine.

Right now, we are loving Carrington Farms’s tub of 100 percent Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to kick off our day right. Add one tablespoon to your daily coffee for a nice natural boost in the morning.

As for flavor? The addition into your cup of joe offers a delicious uniquely nutty flavor. The oil, which can be used as a supplement for oil and butter, contains medium chain fatty that are used by most cells in the body for energy, and allow for greater energy expenditure. What does this mean for you? It can actually help to promote weight loss and reduce fat mass.

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