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Carrington Farms' coconut cooking oils offer healthier grilling

Carrington Farms
Carrington Farms

We have all heard about the health benefits of coconut oil but there are many more great uses for it. Right now, we are loving Carrington Farms Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil.

If you haven’t tried cooking with Liquid Coconut cooking oil, it not only offers a healthy alternative to traditional fat-laden and high cholesterol oils such as vegetable, olive, canola, and corn oil, but it retains all the health benefits of traditional coconut oil without the flavor of coconuts.

Carrington Farms Coconut Cooking Oil is naturally rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which is efficiently utilized by the body for energy production to help aid in calorie burning. (The Carrington Farms Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil contains 5 times more MCT’s than traditional virgin coconut oil and retains all the health benefits). It even has a higher heat point than traditional olive oils.

There are three different flavors available, including original (odorless and flavorless), rosemary and garlic. The oils are all natural, gluten free, hexane free, NON-GMO and are free of hydrogenated and trans fats.

Here are some great additional tips for using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

  1. Grilling - Brush the grates on your grill with coconut oil before grilling your chicken, burgers, or fresh fruit for a healthy and sweet dessert.
  2. Beachy Waves - Want your hair to have those "just got back from the beach" waves? Fill a spray bottle with warm water, add 1 teaspoon of sea salt and 1 teaspoon coconut oil. Shake until mixed and spray on hair. Then scrunch your hair to create the waves.
  3. Sun Burn/Chapped Lips - After spending the weekend in the sun, rub coconut oil over the sunburned areas for relief of the burning and to keep your skin moisturized. Plus, it can help prevent peeling!
  4. Bug Bites - Whether you are spending the night by a bonfire or watching the fireworks, mosquito bites are inevitable. Rub coconut oil over the bites to stop the itching and aid the healing process.

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