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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission demo available now

Screenshot from the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission demo.
Screenshot from the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission demo.
Rising Star Games

Rising Star Games released a free downloadable demo for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission today on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The demo is a pretty large file, taking up over 700 megabytes of hard drive space on your Xbox 360, but also brings a lot of gameplay to the table. The demo is said to take over 45 minutes to complete. This should give gamers a good idea of whether or not they like Carrier Command: Gaea Mission enough to purchase it.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is based on the popular 1980s computer game Carrier Command. It has a similar style of gameplay but with lots of new game mechanics and a huge world consisting of 33 unique islands hosting with six distinct climatic zones including Wastelands, Arctic, Marshlands, Volcanic, Mountains, and Temperate. There are also real-time day/night cycles.

Rising Star Games also announced today that the game will be getting a permanent price cut to $39.99.

A demo is also available for the PC version of the game at and Steam.