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Carrie Underwood's Shining Year

Carrie Underwood performs at Lincoln Center New York City-Nov. 3, 2009
Carrie Underwood performs at Lincoln Center New York City-Nov. 3, 2009
Meriam Bouarrouj

If there was one word to describe the year 2009 for Carrie Underwood it would have to be a word that could describe a year that was record-breaking, honorable, successful, and anything else that defines the phenomenal year the country singing sensation has had. As 2009 comes to close, it seemed appropriate to reflect back on Carrie's most significant and memorable moments of the year.

Carrie started the year of with a bang by winning three People's Choice Awards including the title for 'Favorite Female Artist' and a special award celebrating People's Choice Awards' 35th anniversary, which is 'Favorite Star 35 and Under'.

The year only got better for Carrie in February as she, for the third consecutive year in a row, won the Grammy award for 'Best Female Country Vocal Performance', for her song “Last Name”.

You can't discuss Carrie's 2009 achievements and not mention her win of the prestigious trophy for 'Entertainer of the Year' from the Academy of Country Music. Carrie is only the 7th female in history to hold this honor. It's the biggest title one can hold in country music and for Carrie to win it at just 26 years old, you can sure bet this will always be a significant and memorable moment for her when she looks back on 2009.

In September Carrie only continued to be honored by country music as she was inducted in to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

October brought more honors and memorable moments for Carrie as she received the Harmony Award at Nashville's Symphony Ball, for her notable contributions and record-breaking achievements to Nashville's musical culture.

Those record-breaking achievements were especially relevant in October as “Cowboy Casanova”, Carrie's first single of off her new album Play On certainly made its mark in country music by becoming the fastest chart-topper of the year by a female country artist. “Cowboy Casanova” also became Carrie's 11th #1 hit.

Carrie won plenty of honors this year, but she also honored others herself. In 2009 Carrie started her own non-profit charity foundation to help those less fortunate in her hometown of Checotah, Okla. The C.A.T.S.(Checotah, Animal, Town and School) foundation was founded by Carrie in 2009 and it's a sure thing that those receiving the benefits of the foundation will always see this contribution by Carrie in 2009 as a significant contribution to their lives and a memorable one by their hometown star.

2009 also had Carrie become a spokesperson for the Teachers Count Campaign, which gives special recognition and appreciation to teachers.

Another memorable moment in which Carrie was an honor to others was her surprise gift to the Checotah Public School students. Carrie surprised students by appearing on the stage of their auditorium and announced her donation of $117,000 worth of brand new musical instruments for their music programs. For those students in the auditorium that day, they will never forget the year they had a special assembly held by Carrie Underwood and the special gifts they received from her that day.

Carrie ended 2009 the same way she started it; with significant and memorable achievements and honors. Play On, Carrie's third record, was released in November and debuted at the top of the Billboard Country Music and Hot 200 charts.

Carrie closed the year with a special gift received by her fans from all over the country as she had her very first holiday variety special. The two-hour special consisted of performances by Carrie and duets with her own idols, as well as comedic skits that showed Carrie's talents exceed those under the music bubble.

It's clear that Carrie Underwood certainly knew how to close out the decade. Her achievements, honors, and contributions this year will always be looked at with smiles from herself and her fans. When looking back on this list, it is hard to believe the moments all happened to one person. Guess the one word to describe 2009 for Carrie Underwood should be 'magical', as she was enriched with one special and shining moment after another.

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  • Sami 5 years ago

    Thank you Meriam for a great article on Carrie. It was a magical year for her--and to think she spent months writing and recording her album Play On and not touring or making as many appearances s she usually does, and yet she managed to accomplish all of these things. She is an amazing girl. She is sweet, humble and is truly the "ALL AMERICAN GIRL NEXT DOOR" who really tries to make this a better place for all of us. We need more Carrie's in the world. As you can probably tell--I am a Carrie fan--and she is my role model--along with my Mom and Dad.

  • Avery 5 years ago

    I am so proud of Carrie. She did accomplish so much while writing and making her wonderful new album Play On. I am looking forward to her touring in 2010. Can't wait to hear the new music live. Carrie is by far one of the best in country music. She is not only talented with an amazing voice and beautiful but she truly cares about her fans and making this world a better place for all! She is so real and caring. Thanks for the article.