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Carrie Underwood’s mom loses cat; star asks fans to ‘help’ find kitty

Carrie Underwood asks fans to help find her mom's cat
Carrie Underwood asks fans to help find her mom's cat
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood has over three million fans on her Twitter feed and she would do anything to help her mom. The entertainer asked her fans on Saturday afternoon to help her mom find her lost cat. Apparently the feline got away near the animal shelter. The former American Idol winner took to social media to see if she could rally her fans in the area to help and maybe find the cat.

“Mom lost her cat @ animal shelter near Checotah/Rentiesville exit. Calico w/white chest & bent tail, semi-wild. Help! If seen notify shelter,” tweeted Carrie Underwood from her official Twitter account on Saturday. The description definitely helped people know what to look for if in case they saw a cat roaming the area, but some fans wanted more details. The star had fans encouraging her to put up a picture on social media so people could know exactly what the cat looks like.

Carrie Underwood is a serious animal lover. Known to be an animal rights activist and a vegan. Always looking out for the animals, the celebrity has used her social media account in the past to offer help, share viewpoints and encourage her fans to get involved. While this might be the first time she has actually asked her fans to be personally involved in a family member’s cat, but it probably won’t be the last. Carrie seems to love the animals and will do what she can to help every four-legged creature on earth.

Hopefully Carrie Underwood’s mom will find her cat soon! With the help of so many fans, it’s possible someone will see feline in the area.