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Carrie Underwood is Miranda Lambert’s best friend? Singer gets a motorcycle

Carrie Underwood gets a motorcycle
Carrie Underwood/Official Twitter account

Apparently Carrie Underwood will be taking driving lessons for a motorcycle in the near future thanks to a gift from her famous friend. Miranda Lambert apparently wanted to do something special for the entertainer and bought her a motorcycle. According to "WetPaint" on Monday, Carrie Underwood publicly thanked Miranda Lambert for the generous gift.

“Well, it's not every day @mirandalambert buys you a motorcycle! Next stop, motorcycle driving lessons!!!” tweeted Carrie Underwood from her official Twitter account on Sunday.

The entertainer included a picture of the motorcycle and her posing by sitting on it. Giving the cameras a serious motorcycling look, the star looks comfortable and could be mistaken for a seasoned rider. It is doubtful that Carrie Underwood would consider hitting the road without the proper equipment (and driving lessons.)

While most fans might be surprised at the gesture, there might be an underlining reason for such a generous gift. The ladies were spotted at the "Billboard Music Awards" hanging together and smiling for the cameras. As their friendship seems to blossom, so does their working relationship. Carrie Underwood will be heard on Miranda Lambert’s upcoming album and the partnership might be a unique style of music as both ladies are coming together.

Technically there has never been a rivalry between the fan bases of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. This unusual existence really makes the idea of singing together quite charming. Fans of Carrie and Miranda can enjoy the music while still appreciating their favorite star. This type of collaboration probably wouldn't work with other female artists as fans aren't as welcoming (even Rihanna and Shakira’s collaboration wasn't well received in part due to the fan bases.)

So when will Carrie Underwood be taking motorcycle lessons? With a new bike in the garage, it is safe to assume that she might want to start as soon as she can. Of course the fans don’t want the lessons to mess up her tour dates, special projects or new music even if it is a great gift from Miranda Lambert.

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