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Carrie Underwood Has the Top Country Album of the Decade!

Carrie Underwood becomes the season four winner of 'American Idol'-May 2005
Carrie Underwood becomes the season four winner of 'American Idol'-May 2005
Fox Television Network

When Fox premiered American Idol back in the summer of 2002, they had two hopes for it. They had hoped it would give the girl or boy next door a chance at making their dreams come true, and they had hoped that the American people would be the ones to decide who could be their next music 'idol'. An idol that they hoped would succeed long after their stint on the reality singing competition ended.

Who knew that seven years later it would in fact be that girl next door, an 'American Idol' indeed ,who would hold the title of having Billboard's Top Country Album of the Decade?

The American people who gave Season four winner Carrie Underwood millions of votes knew; as they are the ones who went out and purchased Underwood's debut album Some Hearts, which Billboard has just announced as the decade's top country album.

Some Hearts was not a bad way for Underwood to make her splash onto the music scene with and prove she could go beyond the American Idol stage. It is the fastest-selling debut country album in Nielsen Soundscan history and the best-selling solo female debut album in country music history.

The seven-times certified platinum album also gave Underwood her hugely successful hit “Before he cheats”, which Billboard acknowledges as the only female song in the Top 20 Hot Country Songs of the Decade.

It looks like this small town Oklahoma farm girl turned four-time Grammy winner has greatly exceeded the early hopes of American Idol.

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