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Carrie Underwood bromance: Mike Fisher gets close with Blake Shelton

Carrie and Mike
Carrie and Mike
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher has a new bromance going on and it looks like things are going strong. He is getting really close to country singer Blake Shelton. On Wednesday, Taste of Country shared the news about how close these two are getting. It sounds like they are getting along great.

Underwood just did a duet with Blake Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert. They were working together a lot getting ready for this and to perform it. Carrie then explained that Blake and Mike really hit it off. She said, "During the ACMs, we actually hung out quite a bit because we were there for a few days and our husbands got to talk. I think there’s a bit of a bromance going on. Blake’s got a lot of bromances going on. I won’t talk to Mike about it — I don’t want to make him jealous!" She did laugh a bit when she said it to "Access Hollywood."

It sounds like Mike might have just found himself a new friend. These two couples do run in the same circles a lot though. They will be at the same performances and award shows often. It is great to know that they get along. Mike is a hockey player so when he is with Carrie at her job he probably doesn't know a lot of the people yet.

Carrie went on explaining more and said, "It’s nice to have people that… understand your life. I have so many friends that have really nothing to do with the music business, it’s nice to be able to hang out with some people that get it all." Carrie does try to live a normal life too. Remember she is just a girl from a small town in Oklahoma.